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Our Services

One on One

Consulting Sessions

Growing your business and require marketing expertise to help provide some direction and plan?  


You know what you need but it's always helpful to obtain some guidance from experienced marketers. 

Chicken or egg issue - Does SEO come before or after setting up my website?

I need help developing a marketing plan to achieve my business goals.

Business Growth


I need to grow my business by 200% within the next 12 months.  How do I go about doing this?  Who do I target and how do I reach them?

I know that potential customers research buying options online before they make a decision.  My website needs to help me grow my business but I need help with my company's digital strategy.

What marketing initiatives can I implement to grow my business exponentially? 


Featuring our principal consultant - Georgiana Verdonk-Sim

Experienced Marketer with over 20 years in Communications, Business Consultancy and Retail sectors.  From launching successful business enterprises to driving fully integrated marketing programs, Georgiana applies the latest thinking, technology, enthusiasm and creative approaches.  


LinkedIN profile

"I help technology companies start marketing in a strategic manner."

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